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Whatever high tech method you decide to use for delivering your final message, if you wish to succeed, you need to start with the basics and put pencil to paper.

In fact, we have clients who have their own digital media production staff and equipment who still have Chapter & Verse write for them. It's amazing how much you can save on your production costs when you have a budget-minded writer who's also an experienced producer and director.

It's also surprising how much more effective your training can be when you have an "outsider" with a fresh perspective help with your instructional design. Of course we're also adept at putting pencil to paper and producing "low tech" materials like:

  • Executive Speeches
  • Brochure Copy
  • Reports
  • Sales & Marketing Materials
  • Advertising Copy
  • Press Releases

At Chapter & Verse we subscribe to a simple philosophy-- there's no such thing as good writing, there is only good re-writing.

You may be a pretty fair wordsmith yourself and just need a fresh eye to go over your copy with a red pencil and tweak things. Or, you may be a complete novice who needs some heavy duty assistance. Either way, we're happy to help.

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