Who We Are

Wayne Lewis

is a former broadcast journalist with over six years experience in broadcast management. He's supervised production of over 5,000 local TV commercials, over 4,000 live telecasts, hundreds of PSAs, promos, and public affairs programs. He's written produced, directed and shot scores of corporate video presentations since 1990, as well as executive speeches, radio commercials, product brochures, print ads and live corporate sales/marketing presentations.

Lisa Lewis

began her career in radio and TV sales, ultimately owning and operating a full-service advertising agency. She's an experienced writer/producer of series television, local and regional TV commercials and corporate video presentations, as well as large scale corporate meetings, multi-media presentations and executive speeches. She's an accomplished voice over talent for TV and radio.

We've seen and heard a lot. And we look forward to seeing and hearing more from you.

We Are A Virtual Organization

Chapter & Verse Creative Content is as big as you need us to be. We don't have a lot of permanent employees, and that means we don't have a huge overhead. Instead, we have a stable of strategic partners we know, trust, and have fun working with.

We Trust Our Partners

We only make business alliances with like-minded people who have a win-win attitude. Our crews always consist of people who take the work, and not themselves seriously. Likewise, we only seek clients with the same ethics and attitude.

As Big Or As Small As You Need

If you have a small project and/or a small budget, we're the perfect choice. If you have a huge project and and a healthy budget, we make sure your dollars go farther.





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