Video Production

We can only think of two reasons to have Chapter & Verse produce a video for you.

  • To save your company or organization money
  • To make your company or organization money

Think about letting Chapter & Verse assist you with your:

  • Marketing Video
  • TV Spot
  • Product Demo
  • Video News Release (VNR)
  • Looping Trade Show Presentation
  • Fund-raising Video
  • Web Videos

We can help you develop the following:

Training DVD
Recruitment Program
Safety Video
Corporate Overview Presentation
Instructional DVD
New Employee Orientation


A training video can potentially save you thousands of dollars in trainer costs and travel expenses. A well planned, well executed training program delivered on video can be both informative and entertaining at the same time. Using a modular structure you can insure that the right message reaches the right audience.


A safety video can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in liability costs, especially when combined with a web based verifcation system that automatically records when the video was viewed, along with an acknowlegement that the that the viewer understood and agrees to follow your safety procedures.

Sales / Marketing

A sales and marketing video can potentially make you thousands of dollars by educating and motivating your customer. Using video you can even illustrate first hand the qualities that set your company apart from the competition. You can also have satisfied customers give testimonials.

Put your videos on your website and they're available to the whole world.

Plan Your Video Project

Click here for our FAQ and a comprehensive guide to the production process.

The digital media revolution has made tape and DVD duplication almost obsolete.

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