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Radio is an amazing medium and really fun to write for. They dubbed this medium "Theater of the Mind" because it allows the listener to fill in so much rich detail using only their imagination. Do you think Orson Welles could have panicked the country with his War of the Worlds broadcast if he'd done it on live television? Sorry, but even the most sophisticated special effects are no substitute for the human imagination!

As a kid I met a DeeJay I listened to every morning, in-person for the first time. In my mind's eye this guy with the pleasant, friendly sounding voice had always looked a lot different than the short overweight balding middle-aged man who shook my hand and showed me around the studio.

The world's first commercial radio station signed on the air on November 2nd, 1920 and the medium is still going strong. It's old technology, but it works!

At Chapter & Verse we can help you find imaginative ways to harness the power of radio, and we can also provide those pleasant, friendly sounding voices.

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