Logo Design Packages

Chapter & Verse can create a logo for you. Give us a few ideas about what you want in a logo and then decide on which logo package you'd like.

Why pay a fortune to have a logo designed. Our packages are affordable and we give you your final logo in the file formats you need.

Logo Package A $300

Based on your input, we'll design three different black and white logo treatments for you. Pick the one you like best.

See an example of Package A below:

In this instance the client had a hard time deciding between the second logo and the third. They finally decided to go with the second logo. It has a chicken in it and-- after all, without the chicken, the eggs simply wouldn't be possible.

Logos Are Important

A logo is like a face. It tells the world a lot about you. It defines your identity.

People are wired to recognize images and relate to them faster than they recognize and relate to text.

If you want to make a good impression, start with a good logo.

Click here to see larger versions of the logos to the left and right.

Logo Package B $450.00

Based on your input, we'll design three different black and white logo treatments for you. See the example below for a company that sells computer networking products and services.

You can pick the one you like best and pay the same price as Logo Package A, or mix and match elements from one or more to incorporate in your final logo.

The client's final logo is seen in the image below--

They liked the text used in the second logo, and the networking cable element used in the third logo, but wanted the cable to curve instead of bend at right angles. They also wanted their tag line "Surveillance - Hosting - Infrastructure - Power" from the first logo added to the final version.

What About Color?

If you want your logo image to be more detailed, you can add color and texture. This service costs $80 / hour with a half hour minimum. In the examples below, we see logos that have color and texture added.

Chapter & Verse Logo

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