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When it comes to training, realizing what you DON'T know is the key to success.

You don't know how much the people you are training already know. You don't know how fast everyone being trained will learn. It helps to start from the perspective of someone outside the organization. At Chapter & Verse, we know that getting knowledge and/or information out of your content experts' heads and transforming it into performance-based training that's motivating and effective can take some careful planning.

E-Learning has harnessed technology in innovative ways, but without good instructional design, high tech bells and whistles are just a waste of time and resources. Different training gurus have different ideas, but they all agree on the importance of good instructional design.

Good training should never be boring!

We like IT and E-Learning guru Ruth Colvin Clark's strategies to avoid cognitive overload. We favor designs that include less talk and turn key learning points into brief reference notes. We think instructors (whether human or electronic) should do less and have the learners do more. Rather than have huge amounts of material presented to trainees, the lessons should be broken up into more digestable portions and dispensed over time.

Ask a typical content expert what time it is and don't be surprised if he tells you how to build a watch. If you can explain it to us, we can help you explain it to everyone else.

We're also big fans of Thiagi even though we have no idea how to properly prounounce his real name. (Sivasailam Thiagarajan-- try to say that real fast three times in a row!) We never try to over analyze stuff, re-invent the wheel, or encourage "inside the box" thinking. We agree that you should spend less time designing content and more time designing activities that will engage people to think and do. We also love his philosophy that you should keep repeating and refining your programs until you die.

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