Drone Videography/Photography & Surveying

Aerial shots used to cost a fortune to obtain, but with today's drone technology, it's easier than ever to snag some beautiful footage from the air.  However, if you use footage that wasn't obtained by a licensed drone pilot, you risk being liable for a $10,000 fine.  Why gamble?  At Chapter & Verse, we're fully licensed and ready to swoop in and give you the footage and/or photos you need.

Need a great aerial shot of that commercial or residential real estate?  We can do that.  Do you need to visually inspect a towering structure, pipeline, or agricultural land.  We can do that, too.

We can deliver beautiful 4k footage for a lot less money than you think.  If it's big and you need to get a picture of the whole thing, we have the solution.  If it's tall, and you need to see what's on top of it, we have just the boost you need.

Stay safe and keep it legal. We know how to operate in controlled airspace!

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