We're selective about who we work with. We're only interested in organizations who appreciate experience, innovation, creativity, and hard work. We're more intersted in building trust and relationships than we are in up-selling you. We've worked will all kinds of people over the years and have learned the difference between a Top End Client, a Middle Market Client, and a Grinder. Frankly, we've reached a point in life where we're not ignorant or hungry enough to have any interest in working with Grinders! If you don't know what a Grinder is, click here for Ron Lindeboom's great article on the subject. It's a valuable read no matter what business you're in. We try and re-read it at least once a year.

Chapter & Verse has created innovative presentations for companies like:

JCPenney, i2 Technologies, Suiza / Morningstar, Nortel Networks, Army Air Force Exchange Service, Nexen Petroleum, Texas Brine, Chiang, Patel & Yerby, Tyler Area Builders Association,
The Boy Scouts of America, Cimarex Energy Co., PepsiCo Food Services, Hoechst Celanese, Mr. Rooter, FootAction, BeautiControl Cosmetics, A.A.R.P., Eckerd Drugs, Elk Roofing,
Wilsonart, Lokweld, Sandoz, Enserch, Fina, Bombardier, The Dallas Symphony Association, John Petersmith Hospital, and Moody Bible Institute





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