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Chapter & Verse is an award-winning full service digital media production company.

If you need a video for your website, or an informative digital presentation that showcases your business, Chapter & Verse Creative Content can help. Contact us if you're thinking of undertaking a digital media project. We'll probably be able to streamline the entire process and deliver a quality product that's more affordable than you thought.

We can guide you through every step-- from formulating the initial concept, scriptwriting, shooting, editing, and duplication or publication on the Internet. We believe in win-win partnerships and will work within your budget parameters to come up with an end result that is informative, entertaining, and communicates directly to your target audience.

We're Scalable

If you already have a communications staff, we're happy to work with them to help develop the programs you need. Or we can offer a complete package starting with a blank sheet of paper and ending with your finished product.


It's all around us, but what exactly is it?


noun:  con·tent \kən-ˈtent\

1. Something contained, as in a receptacle.

2. The subject matter of a written work such as a website, printed brochure, direct mail piece, an executive speech, film or video script, or an article in a trade publication.
3. (a.) The substantive or meaningful part: "The Internet is starving for meaningful content."
or (b.) The meaning or significance of a literary or artistic work.

4. The proportion of a specified substance: "Tuna has a higher protein content than yogurt."

5. Information contained in a website. Content can also be written print articles, advertising copy, video, audio, and photographs.

6. What Chapter & Verse can provide you efficiently and affordably.



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